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Accelerate Small Molecule Hit Discovery and Lead Optimization

Our platform(DeepMatcher) has worked to identify druggable compounds, can increase the possibility of high-quality AI Hit discovery with best properties of DL-based better algorithms and supercomputing in STB-IDC. Accessible anytime and anywhere, our platform also helps you save costs while accelerating your drug discovery efforts and successfully identify promising novel AI hits with therapeutic potential for your ideal drug development.


The State of A.I. Drug Discovery and Its Future::

small molecule, vaccine and antibody drug development


DeepMatcher® - Small Molecule Drug Discovery Platform

One-Stop service: Fully automated drug discovery anytime & anywhere

Bring you Target Only: Software/hardware not required

Non-expert Use: Anyone can perform drug discovery on any device

Validation: Refund policy in place to guarantee successful hit discovery




Hit-Discovery Performance by DeepMatcher

Fast and accurate predictive power leads the program of AI new drug development to a new level.