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Co-Located Session
Free Admission    Invited Only
5/9 (Wed)
Session Title Room Time
C1 The 7th Korea-China Health Functional Food Information Exchange Conference Rm. 318 13:00-18:00
C2 UK Life Sciences industry showcase 2018 Hall E7 13:00-18:00
C3 KPAC 2018 Rm. 401 12:00-17:50
5/10 (Thu)
Session Title Room Time
C4 Health Functional Foods Strategy Seminar Rm. 401 13:00-18:00
C5 Australian Digital Health Capability Seminar Hall E2 13:30-17:00
C3 KPAC 2018 Rm. 401 09:00-12:20
5/11 (Fri)
Session Title Room Time
C6 Precision Cancer Therapeutics Rm. 300 09:00-18:00
C7 Health Functional Foods Technology Conference Rm. 327 09:00-12:00
C8 Health Functional Food Future Forum Rm. 327 13:00-18:00
C9 Non-clinical and Clinical strategy in Europe for Advanced therapy (Cell therapy) Hall E2 09:00-18:00