[ May 9 (Wed) ]
Immuno-Oncology Therapies

We will take time to understand global technology and market trends of anti-cancer immunotherapy. You will have an opportunity to understand the global trends of Immune Check Point Inhibitor and identify the trends of high-tech Immuno-Oncology companies. You will also hear the trends of developing other CAR-T technologies that are completely different which is safer, cost- efficiency and effective then the well-known CAR-T technologies.

Session Chair Agustin de la Calle, CBO, Eutilex Co.Ltd
Time Session Title
14 : 00 ~ 14 : 20 Immuno-Oncology: Global Market Forecast and U.S. Real World Data Trends for Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors
Khurram Nawaz, Director, Oncology & Biosimilars, Decision Resources Group
14 : 20 ~ 14 : 40 Development of Bi-Specific Antibody Using Innovative Affimab Platform Technology for Cancer Immunotherapy
Kyu Tae Kim , Director, AbClon
14 : 40 ~ 15 : 00 The Next Frontier of Cancer Immunotherapy by Bispecific Antibody
Jaeho Jung, Vice President, ABL Bio
15 : 00 ~ 15 : 20 T Cell Therapies in Oncology
Agustin de la Calle, CBO, Business Development Division, Eutilex Co.Ltd
15 : 20 ~ 15 : 40 Innovative Immune-Oncology Pipelines Update
Morihiro Watanabe, Head, Clinical Development, Merck Serono