[ May 11 (Fri) ]
Bridge Investment

We have organized the trend of Investments in Korean bio area and the Global Investment History with today trends. We will introduce Global Bridge funds that invests ‘Korea to global markets’, ‘global to Asia and Korea markets’. We will also explain the differences in working methods, cultural differences that Korean researchers, developers, companies will meet In the course of overseas joint research & development, business progress, investment, etc, and how to overcome difficulties due to such differences.

Session Chair James Jungkue Lee, CEO, Bridge Bio
Time Session Title
10 : 00 ~ 10 : 30 Global Bio Invest Practice of Korean VCS (History and current status)
Young Guk Cho, CEO, Global Venture Network
10 : 30 ~ 11 : 00 Challenges and Opportunities in The U.S. Biotech Market
Ron Heffernan, CEO & Managing Partner, Mountain Pacific VC
11 : 00 ~ 11 : 30 Conducting Business in The U.S.: Tips for Korean Biotech Companies
June Chen, CEO, LDD Partners