• Chiwon In
  • CSO
  • Kakaobrain

Curriculum Vitae


2005. University of Tsukuba, Computer science
2010, KDI school, MBA
2013, Seoul national university law school, JD

Professional Experience

2013-2017, Engagement manager, Mckinsey&Co
2017-Present, CSO, Kakaobrain

Research Interests

Deep learning, Big data, Digitalization

Honors & Awards



Big Data & AI Platform for Engineers to Solve Medical Problem

Artificial Intelligence will be the basic essential 'Platform' for the humanity and gradually replace high-level intellectual labor. According to this transition, the core of most business is dramatically changing and some part of the healthcare industry is also included in this change.

AI technology (e.g. Deep Learning) shows great performance in finding patterns from big data. The development of AI can contribute to progresses in the medical treatment; such as medical imaging, analysis in medical communications(text, voice), finding new medicines and also in the patient management; personal history before and after treatment.

Co-research between tech companies and hospitals already improves actively in developed countries like the United States. And Korea has also great conditions to develop AI in healthcare, considering concentrated patient visits to some hospitals and digitalized data in hospitals. To connect these great conditions to the improvement of Korean healthcare AI, we need the healthcare AI Platform, which can assemble patient, doctor, hospital and AI researcher. As a tech company, our mission is supporting the build of AI platform that great AI researchers and developers from all over the world can contribute to the development in Korean healthcare industries.