• GwangPyo KO
  • Professor
  • Seoul National University

Curriculum Vitae


1996 ~ 2000. Harvard University. Sc.D.
1994 ~ 1996. Harvard University. M.S.
1992 ~ 1994. Seoul National University. M.S.
1998 ~ 1992. Seoul National University. B.S.

Professional Experience

2005 ~ Present. Professor. Seoul National University. Graduate School of Public Health
2014 ~ Present. Founder/CEO, KoBioLabs. Inc.
2016 ~ Present, Board Member, International Human Microbiome Consortium
2015 ~ Present. Editorial Board Member, Scientific Reports
2011 ~ 2013. Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Visiting Scientist
2003 ~ 2005. Assistant Professor. University of Texas Health Science Center at Huston.
2001 ~ 2003. Postdoctoral fellow. University of North Carolina.

Research Interests

The role of gut microbiota in metabolic and immunologic diseases
Microbiome therapeutics
Phylogenetic and functional metagenomics

Honors & Awards

FDA Outstanding Research Award, Korean Food and Drug Administration (2017)
Excellence in Research Award, Seoul National University (2009, 2010)
Gross Memorial Award, American Biological Safety Association (1999)
Melvin W First Award, Harvard University (1998)


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