• Kyu Tae Kim
  • Director
  • AbClon

Curriculum Vitae


2002, PhD School of Biomolecular Science, University of New South Wales
1994, MsC Department of Biochemistry, Yonsei University
1991, BsC Department of Biochemistry, Yonsei University

Professional Experience

2013-, Director of AbClon Inc.
2007-2013, Lecturer of University of Newcastle
2002-2007, Fellow of Johns Hopkins University

Research Interests

Drug Development

Honors & Awards


1. Frejd FY and Kim KT (2017) Affibody molecules as engineered protein drugs. Experimental and Molecular Medicine. 49, e306.
2. Ko BK, Choi S, Gui LG, Lee YH, Hwang IS, Kim KT*, Shim H, Lee JS (2015) Affinity maturation of monoclonal antibody 1E11 by targeted randomization in CDR3 regions optimizes therapeutic antibody targeting of HER2-positive gastric cancer. PlosONE 10(7):e0134600 (*corresponding author).
3. Ko BK, Lee SY, Lee YH, Hwang IS, Persson H, Rockberg J, Borrebaeck C, Park D, Kim KT*, Uhlen M, Lee JS (2015) A combination of two antibodies targeting HER2 shows synergistic antitumor activity in HER2 positive gastric cancer. Molecular Oncology 9: 398-408 (*corresponding author).


Development of bi-specific antibody using innovative AffiMab platform technology for cancer immunotherapy

AbClon’s AffiMab platform is developed for innovate multi-specific antibody offering enhanced specificity to disease targets and ability to interact with multiple pathological pathways of interest. The AffiMab is a bi-specific format in which Affibody molecules are genetically fused with a monoclonal antibody. The Affibody molecules are small, robust proteins engineered to bind with high affinity to a large variety of targets. AbClon develops a novel bi-specific AffiMab, AM105 which is binding to CD137 and EGFR simultaneously to activate T cells with increased cancer specificity. CD137 has key role for T cell activation, but systemic T cell activation by a CD137 agnostic antibody may induce adverse effects. AM105, engineered by combination of tumor-binding and T cell co-stimulating antibody in one molecule, can only activate T cells when cross-linked by EGFR on tumor cells. AbClon will present development of AM105 for novel cancer immunotherapy and the company’s additional immune-oncology studies such as CAR-T.