• June Chen
  • CEO
  • LDD Partners

Curriculum Vitae


Internship, Yale-New Haven Hospital
M.D., Duke School of Medicine
A.B., Harvard College

Professional Experience

Mountain Pacific Venture Fund, Managing Partner
LDD, Managing Partner
HIVE WEST, Editor-in-Chief

Research Interests

Immuno-oncology, companion diagnostics, medical devices, AI

Honors & Awards

Howard Hughes Medical Institute-National Institutes of Health Research Scholar


Ronald B. Smeltz, June Chen, and Ethan M. Shevach. TGF-ß1 enhances the IFN-y-dependent, IL-12/STAT-4-independent pathway of Th1 cell differentiation. Immunology, 2005, 114(4): 484-492.

Ronald B. Smeltz, June Chen, Rolf Ehrhardt, and Ethan M. Shevach. Role of IFN-y in Th1 Differentiation: IFN-y Regulates IL-18R Alpha Chain Expression by Preventing the Negative Effects of IL-4 and by Inducing/Maintaining IL-12 Receptor ß2 Expression. The Journal of Immunology, 2002, 168: 6165-6172.

Ronald B. Smeltz, June Chen, Jane Hu-Li, and Ethan M. Shevach. Regulation of Interleukin (IL)-18 Receptor Alpha Chain Expression on CD4+ T Cells during T Helper (Th)1/Th2 Differentiation: Critical Downregulatory Role of IL-4. The Journal of Experimental Medicine, Volume 194, Number 2: 143-151, July 16 2001.


Conducting business in the U.S.: Tips for Korean biotech companies

Understanding local differences in culture, communication and business conduct is critical for any company seeking to expand beyond the borders of its home country. Born in the U.S. to Taiwanese immigrants, June grew up with equal exposure to the American and Asian ways of life. Through her enjoyment of Korean dramas and her years of experience in working with both U.S. and Korean venture and biotech partners, she has developed a keen eye for the subtle differences between doing business in the U.S. and Korea. In this presentation, June will discuss important cultural and business nuances for Korean companies to be aware of when working with companies in the U.S. She will also provide insight into how to address these challenges with the goal of developing mutually beneficial, successful international business relationships.