• Jae Hyun Kim
  • Director
  • GE Healthcare

Curriculum Vitae


Bachelor's degree, University of SungKyunKwan, Korea (1994)
Master's degree, University of SungKyunKwan, Korea (1996)
Ph. D. University of SungKyunKwan, Korea (2010)

Professional Experience

GE Healthcare Life Sciences, BioProcess Team, Director (1997~2018)

Research Interests

Bioprocess engineering

Honors & Awards



Evaluation of a highly alkali stable Protein A resin for improved purification of monoclonal antibodies

In the downstream process, the high specificity of the Protein A capture step has enabled a purification platform approach with high recovery and high purity. This has enabled great savings in process development time and a 'plug and play' approach to the purification steps. Rising upstream titers have placed increasing demands on mAb purification but these advances have been met by an impressive increase in both binding capacity and productivity of the Protein A resins process step. GE Healthcare developed our next generation Protein A resin : MabSelect PrismA - addressing the needs of improved binding capacity to meet the increased upstream titers and also improvement of the alkaline stability to enable more efficient cleaning and sanitization of the resins for an overall improved process economy. It is built on the heritage of the successful MabSelect and MabSelect SuRe family. MabSelect PrismA resin enables improved binding capacity to resolve bottlenecks in production and exceptional alkaline stability for efficient cleaning and sanitization. There will be a more than 50% increase in dynamic binding capacity for a 6 min residence time. The new alkaline stabilized ligand also enables repetitive cleaning even at 1M NaOH with > 90% remaining DBC after 150 cycles using 1M NaOH at 15 min. This really sets a new standard in cleaning and sanitization of Protein A resins. So, the process performance has been demonstrated to be significantly increased with MabSelect PrismA.