• John Moys
  • Director
  • Thermo Scientific Finesse BioProduction

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John Moys is the Global enterprise sales director for the Measurement and control group (Finesse) of the Bioprocess Production Division at Thermo Fisher. He has 30 years experience within the Bio Pharmaceutical and Diagnostics industry, in both up and downstream processing. Previously head of Applications Support, North Europe for Sartorius Stedim Biotech, he has 17 years experience with Sartorius across the UK, Europe and Asia. Prior to this, he had accrued over 8 years of practical experience within manufacturing, quality control and R&D for the in-vitro diagnostics and antibody manufacturing sectors.

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The SmartFactory, end to end modular automation

As the challenges in biologics and vaccine manufacturing increase with fewer blockbuster drugs, emerging markets, patent expiration, shorter time-to-market, price pressures, and increased regulatory complexity, companies are turning to multi-product single-use facilities. These facilities can provide higher yield production with fewer employees and a greatly reduced capital cost. However, they also require far greater operations management system flexibility.
SmartFactory is an operations management solution for single-use facilities that optimizes plant-wide resource utilization, integrates manufacturing (batch) information, and facilitates training and validation record management. SmartFactory has been optimized to increase productivity and maximize asset utilization, while retaining an open architecture. Bio-production process flows can be designed in a modular and scalable manner, using best-of-breed equipment (including Finesse SmartSystems), without compromising quality or compliance.
An overview of SmartFactory will be provided along with several examples of use case implementations.