• Robert Andrews
  • Partner, Patent Attorney
  • Mewburn Ellis LLP

Curriculum Vitae


PhD in Cellular Biology, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom (2006)
MPhil in Developmental Biology, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom (2002)
MBiochem Biochemistry, University of Oxford, United Kingdom (2001)

Professional Experience

European Patent Attorney and Chartered Patent Attorney, Mewburn Ellis LLP (2006 - )

Research Interests

Oncology esp. immunooncology & ADC therapeutics
Bioethanol production
Fungal fermentation,

Honors & Awards

Wellcome Trust Prize Studentship
Trinity College, Cambridge, Research Scholarship
Gibbs Prize for outstanding results in Physical sciences (Oxford)


Medical Observer, 14 March 2017, “Personalised medicine inventions: Europe vs. US” (http://www.monews.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=97135)
KPAA magazine, 20 December 2016, “The implications of Brexit on UK and EP IP”
LSIPR; February 24, 2014, "Personalised medicine in Europe: is the patent system keeping up?"


Cell therapy in Europe: an innovative technology requiring an innovative IP strategy

The use of living cells as a therapeutic presents unique therapeutic opportunities with properties and abilities very different to those offered by either conventional small molecule treatments or more complex biologics.

With this advance, the technological sophistication of treatment has leapt forward. However, there has been no corresponding development in the legal or regulatory frameworks that govern such treatments. This raises the question of whether existing legal and regulatory frameworks are suitable, or even capable, of effectively taking account of a therapeutic advance such as cell therapy.

Even if it is possible to adapt the existing legal and regulatory frameworks to accommodate cell therapy, it is certain that careful thought must be given to the strategies employed to protect cell therapies to maximise their effectiveness. A consideration of some possible strategies is what will form the focus of this presentation.