• Mi-Kyung Son
  • Senior Staff
  • PIPC(Patent Information Promotion Center)

Curriculum Vitae


PhD in Genetic Engineering, Kyungpook National University (2008)

Professional Experience

Senior Researcher, Patent Information Promotion Center (2012-Present)

Research Interests

Biologics (Cellular and Gene Therapy, Antibody) and In vitro Diagnostics

Honors & Awards



Cellular Immunotherapy - IP Trends and Issues

In 2017, the FDA approved Kymriah(Novartis) and Yescarta(Kite Pharma/Gilead) for the CAR-T cell therapy.
The CAR-T cell therapy is recognized as innovative technology which converged the field of gene therapy and immune cell therapy. With the success of the CAR-T cell therapy, the anticancer immunotherapy is expected to be further advanced.

In this presentation, I would like to summarize the patent application trends and recent IP issues related to CAR-T cell which is a representative treatment in cellular immunotherapy.