• Soo-Yong Shin
  • Assistant Professor
  • Sungkyunkwan University

Curriculum Vitae


PhD, Seoul National University, Korea (2005)

Professional Experience

National Institute of Standards and Technology, Guest Researcher (2006 ~ 2008)
Seoul National University Hospital, Research Professor (2008 ~ 2010)
Samsung SDS, Principal Researcher (2010 ~ 2011)
Asan Medical Center, Research Assistant Professor (2011 ~ 2016)
Kyung Hee University, Assistant Professor (2016 ~ 2018)
Sungkyunkwan University, Assistant Professor (2018 ~ current)

Research Interests

Healthcare data integration, de-identification, healthcare data analysis

Honors & Awards

Commendation by Minister of Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (2016)


신수용, 박유랑, 헬스케어와 클라우드의 만남, 청년의사 (2016)
S.-Y. Shin, D.-W. Seo, J. An, H. Kwak, and M.-W. Jo, High correlation of Middle East respiratory syndrome spread with Google search and Twitter trends in Korea, Scientific Reports 6:32920, 2016
J. Kim, S. Lim, Y. H. Min, Y.-W. Shin, B. Lee, G. Sohn, K. H. Jung, J.-H. Lee, B. H. Son, S. H. Ahn, S.-Y. Shin*, and J. W. Lee*, Depression screening using daily mental-health ratings from a mobile smartphone application for breast cancer patients, Journal of Medical Internet Research 18(8): e216, 2016 (*co-corresponding authors)


Privacy protection for healthcare big data

To utilize healthcare data, there are two methods. One is obtaining the written consent from each individual and the other is de-identifying data. For healthcare big data, obtaining the written consents is practically impossible. Therefore, de-identification is practical method. However, Korean regulations have some limitation to utilize healthcare big data. In this talk, the problems of Korean regulations are reviewed and then the alternatives will be proposed by comparing the Korean de-identification guideline to foreign de-identification guidelines.