• Yoon Sup Choi
  • Director
  • Digital Healthcare Institute

Curriculum Vitae


POSTECH B.S. in Life Science / B.S. in Computer Science (Dual Degree)
POSTECH Ph.D. in Computational Biology

Professional Experience

• 2010-2013 Research Assistant Professor, Seoul National University College of Medicine, Cancer Research Institute
• 2013-2014 Project Manager, Institute of Convergence Technology, KT Corporation
• 2014-2015 Research Assistant Professor, Seoul National University Hospital, Biomedical Research Institute

• 2015- Director, Digital Healthcare Institute
• 2016- Managing Partner, Digital Healthcare Partners, Inc
• 2016- Visiting Professor, SAIHST, Sungkyunkwan University

Research Interests

digital healthcare

Honors & Awards



Healthcare Innovation


Innovation of regulation to regulate innovation

Needs for regulatory innovation is growing to properly regulate healthcare innovation. As novel medical devices which are not included the conventional boundary of the medical device are developed, it is getting harder to regulated the technological innovation based on the traditional regulatory framework. Recently FDA tries to novel regulatory frameworks such as Pre-Cert Program, to empower developers and to encourage technological innovation of digital healthcare. In this talk, we review the recent movement of FDA and discuss what is necessary to regulate digital healthcare innovation.