• Philip Ridley-Smith
  • Sales & Marketing Director
  • Cobra biologics

Curriculum Vitae


BSc in Biology and French with a CIM qualification

Professional Experience

Philip joined Cobra in 2004 and is currently responsible for sales activities in Europe and Asia. In addition, he oversees the global marketing of Cobra with its three sites in Europe.

Before Cobra, Philip had 10 years of experience in various sales positions for diagnostics, large pharma and FMCG companies working in Europe and Asia.

Research Interests

Gene therapy

Honors & Awards



Manufacturing for Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T-Cell and Gene Therapies

CAR-T therapies involve a complex manufacturing supply chain which requires rapid and flexible access to critical GMP-grade starting materials. According to most industry observers commercial cell/gene therapy developers today would prefer to outsource their bioprocessing as very few have the necessary facilities, experienced staff, in-house platform, and technologies to provide competitive and long-term manufacturing requirements. Due to the novelty of such products manufacturing is very much at the R&D stage where expertise and experience are critical in finding solutions to production issues. Demand for plasmid DNA, AAV and lentivirus manufacture has increased exponentially with the emergence of CAR-T cell therapies. With the combination of fast track clinical trials and the current large price tag for CAR-T therapies already in the market manufacturing needs to find solutions to ensure the success of CART-T therapies. The talk focuses on the supply of two critical starting materials, plasmid DNA and viral vectors as the first part to CART-T therapies realisation.