• Kiwon Lee
  • Founder and CEO

Curriculum Vitae


B.Sc., Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea (2005)
M.Sc.,Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea (2007)
Ph.D., Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea (2012)

Professional Experience

Ybrain Inc. Founder/CEO (2014-Present)
Ybrain Inc. Founder/CTO (2012-2014)
Samsung Electro-Mechanics. Senior Researcher (2012-2012)

Research Interests

Medical Device

Honors & Awards

Best Session Paper. IEEE CPMT (2010)
Golden Prize. Samsung Inside-Edge Competition (2009)
Graduate Research Fellowship. IEEE CPMT (2007)


Lee et al, Beyond Home Use Medical Device: Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation combined with Digital Healthcare, Brain Stimulation, 10(4):e21-e45, (2017)
Khadka et al, Dry electrodes for transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS), Brain Stimulation, 10(4):e32 (2017)
Borges et al, Tolerability of up to 4 mA tDCS using adaptive stimulation, Brain Stimulation, 10(4):e31-32 (2017)


Recent trends in neurostimulation based therapeutic medical devices

In recent years, neurostimulation techniques have gained increasing attention not only from research communities but also medical and healthcare industry. Due to limitations of conventional medicine, various neurostimulation techniques including deep brain stimulation, vagus nerve stimulation, and transcranial magnetic stimulation have been introduced as alternative treatment methods for neuropsychiatric diseases such as Parkinson’s, epilepsy, and depression. In this presentation, recent updates in clinical researches and commercialization of neurostimulation techniques will be discussed.