• Yuan Hua Ding
  • Senior Director and Head
  • pfizer

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Partnering for a Healthy World: Pfizer R&D Strategy and Partnering Needs

R&D partnership is a cornerstone of Pfizer’s effort to deliver the medicines and vaccines that matter most to people in need across the globe. At Pfizer Worldwide Research & Development, we take proud in offering external partners access to our world-class research scientists, our global network of research collaborations, and our industry-leading manufacturing and commercial capabilities. We are keen to work with researchers in academic institutes and biotech & pharmaceutical companies on sciences, technologies and products that complement our internal expertise in small molecule and biologic design and development to deliver breakthrough therapies for patients worldwide. In this talk, I will give a high level review about Pfizer R&D mission, disease area & therapeutic modality focuses and technological needs. I will introduce to you our R&D partnering needs and strategy, emphasizing how we work with academic, biotech and pharma researchers in a variety of formats. I will also provide examples of collaborative projects that we have established with partners in the Asia Pacific regions.