• Jin Pub Son
  • Director
  • DM BIo Limited

Curriculum Vitae


1998 고려대학교 유전공학 학사
2003 고려대학교 생명공학원 석사
2013 고려대학교 생명공학원 이학박사

Professional Experience

2003 - 2011 동아제약 R&D 센터 (2005 - 2007 동아제약 개발본부)
2012 - 현재 DM Bio 사업기획

Research Interests

바이오의약품 R&D 전략, Manufacturing, CMO, CDMO, GMP consulting, Process Development

Honors & Awards

2012 식품의약품안전청장 (제 2012 - 73호)


1. Jin Pub Son, Mi-Kyung Son, Seoung-Wook Jun, Hyun-Hee Kwak, Soo Hyoung Kang, Jung Seok Kang and Young In Park.
Effects of a New Sustained Release Microsphere Formulation of Exenatide, DA-3091, on Obese and Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Mice
Pharmazie 68, 58-62 (2013).

2. Jin Pub Son, Seoung-Wook Jun, Yun-Kyu Choi, Hyoung Seo Park, Mi Kyoung Son, Mee Yong Lee, Soo Hyoung Kang, Jung Seok Kang and Young In Park.
Structural Identification and Biological Activity of Positional Isomers of Long-Acting and Mono-PEGylated-rhG-CSF with Trimeric-Structured mPEG-NHS
Analytical Biochemistry 423, 286-293 (2012).

3. Seok Choi, Jeong Choi, Jae Yeoul Jun, Jae Woong Koh, Sang Hun Kim, Dong Hee Kim, Myoung-Yun Pyo, Sangzin Choi, Jin Pub Son, Inki Lee, Miwon Son and Mirim Jin. Induction of pacemaker Currents by DA-9701, a Prokinetic Agent, in Interstitial Cells of Cajal from Murine Small Intestine
Mol. Cells 27, 307-312 (2009)