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Invited Speakers' Page

The Future of Asian Big Data Based Precision Medicine

  • Yeup Yoon

    Professor, Sungkyunkwan University

  • Raul Rabadan

    Professor, Columbia University

  • Kah-Hoe Pierce CHOW

    Professor, Duke-NUS Medical School, National Cancer Centre Singapore

  • Yiu-Lian Fong

    Global Head, Johnson & Johnson

  • Do-Hyun Nam

    Professor, Samsung Medical Center

AI & Big Data in Healthcare

  • Young-Hak Kim

    Director, Asan Medical Center

  • Seong Ho Park

    Professor, Asan Medical Center

  • Cheng-Kai Kao

    Associate Chief Medical Information Officer, Uchicago Medicine

  • Jong Chul Ye

    Endowed Chair Professor, KAIST

  • Chiwon In

    CSO, Kakaobrain

  • Raniero Pittini

    Head of Research Medtech and Head of Engineering, Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne

  • Eunsol Lee

    CEO, Medibloc

  • NamKug Kim

    Professor, Asan Medical Center

  • Yeha Lee

    CEO, VUNO Inc.

  • Anthony S. Paek

    Co-Founder, CEO, Lunit

  • SeokJin Han

    Technology Solutions Professional, Microsoft

Future Prospect of Bio-3D Printing Technology for Medical Innovation


    Professor, Kyungpook National University

  • Youngmee, Jung

    Principle Research Scientist, Korea Institute of Science and Technology

  • Chang Hun, Lee

    Professor, Columbia University Medical Center

  • Jungsung, Kim

    Professor, Konyang University

How Do We Regulate Healthcare Innovation?

  • Gyu Ha Ryu

    Professor, Sungkyunkwan Univ.

  • Yoon Sup Choi

    Director, Digital Healthcare Institute


    Advisor, KIM&CHANG

  • Soo-Yong Shin

    Assistant Professor, Sungkyunkwan University

  • Young-kyu Kang

    Deputy Director, Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

  • Anthony Seungwook Paek

    CEO, Lunit

  • Hyun-Jun Kim


Immuno-Oncology Therapies

  • Agustin de la Calle

    CBO, Eutilex Co.Ltd

  • Khurram Nawaz

    Director, Decision Resources Group

  • Kyu Tae Kim

    Director, AbClon

  • Jaeho Jung

    Vice President, ABL Bio

  • Morihiro Watanabe

    Head, Merck Serono

Bridge Investment

  • James Jungkue Lee

    CEO, Bridge Bio

  • Young Guk Cho

    CEO, Global Venture Network

  • Ron Heffernan

    CEO & Managing Partner, Mountain Pacific VC

  • June Chen

    CEO, LDD Partners

Global Market Strategy for Biosimilar

  • Jean Paul Deslypere

    Professor, University Hospital of Gent, Belgium

  • Hugo DeWit

    Managing Director, Sartorius Stedim Cellca GmbH

  • John Moys

    Director, Thermo Scientific Finesse BioProduction

  • Jae Hyun Kim

    Director, GE Healthcare

  • Michael Kim

    CEO, Prestige Bio

  • Jin Pub Son

    Director, DM BIo Limited

  • Bang Kue Ho

    Professor, Gyeongnam National University of Science and Technology

Medical Technologies Based on Neuroscience

  • Jaeseung Jeong

    Professor, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

  • Kiwon Lee

    Founder and CEO, YBRAIN

  • Olivier Salvado

    , CSIRO

  • Ae-Nim Pae

    Chief, Korea Institute of Science and Technology

Licensing and Investment Strategies for Global (Bio) Pharmaceutical Development

  • Andy Jang


  • Michael Chen

    Head of External Innovation Asia region, Merck

  • Jean De Serres

    Vice President, Paladin Labs

  • Yuan Hua Ding

    Senior Director and Head , pfizer

  • Jiang Fei

    Executive Director, Guijing Capital

  • Cedric Bisson

    Partner, Teralys Capital

  • Kevin Lin

    Vice Director, Fortune Venture Capital Co.Ltd.

Global Regulatory & Commercial Outlook in Cell & Gene Therapy / Opportunities in Global Regenerative Medicine Markets

  • Antonio Lee

    Global Head, MEDIPOST

  • Tim Farries

    Director, ERA Consulting

  • Colin Novick

    Managing Director, CJ Partners

  • Mingping Zhang

    VP, PAREXEL Consulting

Regulatory Strategy for Cell & Gene Therapy

  • Antonio Lee

    Global Head, MEDIPOST


    Principle Consultant, Axteria Biomed Consulting Inc.

  • Mark Wood

    Head of Data Services, Crown CRO

  • Richard Adair

    Virology Manager, SGS Vitrology

  • Philip Ridley-Smith

    Sales & Marketing Director , Cobra biologics

IP Disputes and Countermeasures in Cell Therapies

  • Eunkyeong Lee

    , BKL

  • Mi-Kyung Son

    Senior Staff, PIPC(Patent Information Promotion Center)

  • Peter Kang

    Associate, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

  • Robert Andrews

    Partner, Patent Attorney, Mewburn Ellis LLP

  • Kieran Williams

    Principal & Patent Attorney, Shelston IP


  • Byungmo Kang

    Team leader, Korea Exchange KOSDAQ Center

  • Junghee Lim

    Managing Director, Intervest

  • Skip Fleshman

    Partner, Asset Management Ventures

  • Jeiwook Chae

    Chief Business Officer, LegoChem Biosciences Inc.

  • Yeong Ok Baik

    CEO, Eubiologics Co.Ltd

  • Keivin Lin

    Vice Director, Fortune Capital Co.Ltd

  • Hoil Choi

    Founder & CEO, Peptron

  • Jun Ho Kim

    Director, Amicogen. Inc.

  • Ted Byung Chan Moon

    Managing Director, RM GLOBAL

  • Stan Kim

    Managing Director, Eyegene. Inc.

Bio-Health Cluster Forum

  • Ning Ding

    Deputy Chief Executive First Deputy Commander, The People’s Government of Wenjiang District, Chengdu

  • Shi An YANG

    Director, Yantai Business Representative Office in South Korea​

  • Sooyoung Ji

    CEO Assistant, Power & Legend (Hunan) Health Industry Investment Co., Ltd.

  • Zhaoyang Liu

    Deputy Mayor

  • Nicholas Cho

    COO, Simnogen Biotech. Ltd.

  • Weimin Yang

    Vice-Director, National Yancheng Economic-Technological Development Zone

  • Je Sang Lee

    Chief, Daegu Medical Innovation Foundation

  • Chul Kim

    General Manager, Osong Medical Innovation Foundation

Human Microbiome: Current Aspects and Upcoming Developments