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Detailed Program
Free Admission
May 9 (Wed)
Session Title Room Time
S2 AI & Big Data in Healthcare Rm.317 13:00-16:50
S3 Future Prospect of Bio-3D Printing Technology for Medical Innovation Rm.307 13:00-14:30
S5 Immuno-Oncology Therapies Rm.308 14:00-15:40
S13 Seminar on Medical Device Commercialization Strategy for Overseas Market Rm.300 13:00-17:30
May 10 (Thu)
Session Title Room Time
S1 The Future of Asian Big Data Based Precision Medicine Rm.307 13:00-15:40
S4 How Do We Regulate Healthcare Innovation? Rm.307 09:30-11:30
S7 Global Market Strategy for Biosimilar Rm.308 09:30-12:15
S10 Global Regulatory & Commercial Outlook in Cell & Gene Therapy / Opportunities in Global Regenerative Medicine Markets Rm.317 09:30-11:50
S11 Regulatory Strategy for Cell & Gene Therapy Rm.317 13:30-16:00
S15 7th GPKOL International Symposium 2018 402, 403 09:00-18:00
S16 K-PHARMA FAIR 2018 Rm.300 12:00-15:00
S17 INVEST FAIR Rm.300 15:00-17:30
S18 BIO-HEALTH CLUSTER FORUM Hall E1 09:30-15:00
S19 Human Microbiome: Current Aspects and Upcoming Developments Hall E7 09:00-14:00
May 11 (Fri)
Session Title Room Time
S6 Bridge Investment Rm.308 10:00-11:30
S8 Medical Technologies Based on Neuroscience Rm.308 13:00-15:40
S9 Licensing and Investment Strategies for Global (Bio) Pharmaceutical Development Rm.307 10:00-14:30
S12 IP Disputes and Countermeasures in Cell Therapies Rm.317 10:00-12:20
S14 Medical Device Industry All-Cycle Market Penetration Comprehensive Presentation Rm. 317 13:30-16:30